July 15, 2011

off to the shore...

Summer weekends in Rhode Island were never complete without a loaf of banana-chocolate chip bread. We'd pick it up at The Last Stand, which sits just short of Swamp road, where we'd turn left on our way to Zach's family house. It never lasted long, usually not even to breakfast the next morning, but it makes a wonderful appetizer and a great pre-bed snack. I have a sweet tooth (have you noticed?) but Dave, my father-in-law, has a love for sweets that even rivals my own. Between the two of us the banana bread doesn't have a chance.

In the spirit of summer I decided to make a loaf today. But this loaf is different. It's gluten free. I'd never baked gluten free before, but this loaf is traveling to 'The Shore' with me this afternoon to Alex and Kerry's weekend getaway house and since Alex has celiacs it was only appropriate. I'll let you know how it goes, and if it's yummy I'll be sure to share the recipe next week.

Happy weekend everyone!

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