July 02, 2011

a necessary tomato

There is something in the oven. It isn't this tomato. This tomato is way to amazing to let heat distort it's bulbous forms. So this is the tomato I ate while something else was baking away, losing form and oozing juices (to be revealed on Monday). I had a conversation with this tomato at the market. Really it was more of a debate, with the tomato arguing for it's beauty and worthiness of a blog post and me arguing that it cost 4francs and that I don't even like tomatoes that much. Who doesn't like raw tomatoes? I know it is weird, but then again I'm from New England and the thought of eating lobster makes me want to relocate to a foreign country. Oh wait, I already did that - free from lobster, but not from tomatoes. As you already know, the tomato won. It's luscious lumpiness was just too seductive to pass up and I couldn't bare the thought of someone else buying it and chopping it into itty bitty pieces for a salad or sticking it in the oven. This tomato needed a debut, to be shared with the world, or at least the world of house-to-haus.
It was as if twenty mini tomatoes were at a concert and got stuck in a mosh pit. A bigger tomato is about to jump from stage and these little tomatoes will carry it through the crowd.
Since I don't like raw tomato I had to accompany it with things I do like, like bread and butter and salt and pepper. There really isn't much butter can't fix. Even a raw tomato. A thin layer on a thick piece of toast is pretty heavenly.
You can actually see teeth marks - is that TMI of the food-blogging world? Perhaps. I will say that it was quite delicious, even for a non raw tomato eating girl. The butter helped and so did the drizzle of olive oil I put on top. Butter and olive oil make a great combo, not just by themselves of course, but on bread. I can't imagine eating a tomato without a hefty sprinkle of salt and pepper and I'd say those were the essential ingredients, even over the butter and bread.
After I ate my snack and pulled the oozy goozey delicious concoction out of the oven I went for a much needed walk down the lake. At first I thought this was a woman swimming topless, but nope, just an older man with long hair swimming in a speedo. Oh the joys of beach life in Europe!

It's a long weekend in the states, filled with fireworks, hamburgers fresh off the grill and long days at the beach where men wear shorts and not speedos. We are sad to miss it, but we will do our best in speedo-land, I mean switzerland.

Happy picnicking and pie eating.


  1. Talley, you have a lovely blog. It's so vibrant!

    I'm sorry that you're not a fan of tomatoes or lobster, but I'm glad that you posted about your tomato snack. Summer is great like that--meals pretty much come ready to eat from the fields. They just need a touch of butter and salt.

  2. you're a woman after my own heart.
    your snack is making me drool.
    and how beautiful is that tomato?!