July 07, 2011

a bagel a day

I went to the Swiss Consulate this morning. Let's not talk about it. Let's instead talk about the bagel with cream cheese (more like cream cheese with a side of bagel) that I got before I went to the consulate. Sound good? I made sure to google 'best bagel upper east side' before I made my way down to the consulate from 63rd street. Smack in the middle of my journey down 3rd Avenue was Ess-a-Bagel. I'd never heard of it, and you probably haven't either, but damn that bagel was good. Perhaps it's because I've been deprived for so long, but I really do thing there was something that separated my bagel from the pack. The outside was perfect crusty and the inside deliciously soft. I also think I liked it because I actually witnessed the guys making the bagels behind the counter, dipping the dough into boiling water before placing them on a baking sheet and into the oven. I don't think you'd see that at any old NYC bagel place.

And did I mention how delicious the iced coffee was? Heavenly really. I might have to get a few more as the day goes on. I actually stayed up for 26 hours yesterday - all in the name of fun and birthday celebrations! Thank goodness for 5hr Energy!
I'm going to continue drowning my consulate sorrows for the rest of the day. Next stop - manicure and pedicure, followed by a brief look around Bloomies and then on to sushi for lunch. But not at this place - good god.
I mean have you ever seen so much cream cheese on a bagel? E-gads. It was a bit ridiculous and wasteful really. I can't imagine anyone actually eats that much cream cheese. If you did you'd probably keel over right there on the corner of 51st and 3rd.

So you probably want to know about my trip to the consulate. Or maybe you don't, but I'll just spit out the basics. It will take roughly 8-10 weeks to get the visa even though my husband already has one. Since I originally applied from Switzerland, which is an apparent no-no, they have their eye on me. I cannot overstay my 90 day welcome in Swtizerland (not that I was going to) or I will be banned from Switzerland and Western Europe for 3 years! I also can't get a temporary permit. I just carefully counted the stamps in my passport and I only have 24 more days, so that means lots of time in the states twiddling my thumbs and waiting for the visa to come through. Twiddling my thumbs while eating bagels and sushi and getting pedicures, all at the same time.

It's always nice to twiddle and eat with friends so let me know if you are around these next few days/weeks/months. But be warned, I will limit your restaurant options to Sushi or Mexican.


  1. OMG. Really, not much more to say. OMG. If it is any consolation, I applied for my visa, was told 8-12 weeks, and received it within 2 weeks. Luckily, that crazy Swiss efficiency carries over to the Consulate. I know yours is a different situation, but think happy thoughts. Get as many spa days in as you can, enjoy your family and friends and eat as many Reece's Pieces and bagels as possible.

  2. Okay well that is a little glimmer of hope amidst a frustrating situation. 2 weeks would be amazing. I'm worried because it's Zürich and not Stäfa it might take longer...although perhaps yours was done in Zürich as well. Mmm recees pieces!

  3. Come hang out with me and Julian in Brooklyn! We've got lots of yummies here.

  4. LOVE having you in NYC. Thanks for staying up for me! Available for sushi, mexican or your Fourth or July cobbler at all times. xo