February 22, 2011

simple snowy day

It's snowing here in Zürich today, for the first time since I moved in early January. I had assumed I was moving to a city that was frequented by blizzards and feet upon feet of snow, but that hasn't been the case this winter. Sure Zürich has had it's share of grey days, but I'm use to that from nine and a half years in New Haven. The photos above were taken in Davos this past weekend. Sunday morning as we were getting ready to leave a snow storm was just beginning to make its appearance.

Somehow today has gotten away from me and with a friend coming for dinner I don't have time for a more elaborate post. The days either inch by or they fly by. I prefer when they fly by, leaving me less time to reflect on the fact that I'm living in Zürich, for the foreseeable future, and still have yet to really find my place in this city.


  1. Dear Talley,
    Perhaps you could sign up for group German lessons. That way you might meet some people who are new to Zurich as well ...

    xx Sarah

  2. Talley - I am LOVING your photographs. You have mastered the capabilities of my fave camera. xo

  3. A German class is on the list for after the wedding. Right now I'm back and forth too much to commit to a class. I think you're right though Sarah that it will be a great place to meet new people.