February 15, 2011

a simple post for a simple day

I came across this store on one of my first visits to Zürich, before I had officially moved here, but it was closed so I couldn't poke around. The stripes, signage and the name of the shop lead me to believe I would love whatever it held inside, and it turns out, I do! It's a sweet little grocery/convenient store with a little butcher and sandwich counter as well as a few shelves of speciality items. The produce pouring into the street makes me smile. This is just a simple little post for a simple little day. I've been a haus frau today, getting everything ready for our first visitor - Zach's brother Al, who is flying all the way from Denver to come visit us for a long weekend. We are going to spend tomorrow and Thursday in Zürich and then we are heading to Davos for more skiing.

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