February 12, 2011


There is something about the air in Zürich that makes me want to eat bratwurst almost everyday. They are delicious, but I think I've eaten more veal in the past month than I have in the last 28 years combined! Within only a couple weeks in Zürich we had already found a favorite wurst spot - the Vorderer Sternen near Bellevue. They serve it with incredibly spicy mustard, which is good but a bit intense so I always ask for ketchup to cool things down a bit. Unlike a hotdog, a bratwurst is not served in a roll, but rather with a roll. It seems like generally people take a bite or two of the wurst and then a bite of bread. I still prefer eating the two together, but it's a bit of a mouthful considering how large the rolls are. The rolls themselves are delicious with a crispy, crusty outside and a flakey soft inside.


  1. My mouth waters every time you write about bratwurst - YUM. I would try slicing the roll and sticking that thing in there. Then you can have a nice spot to mix the ketchup and mustard.

    Talley, I am so enjoying this blog - such fun!

    xx Sarah

  2. If I ate bratwurst every time I had the craving I think I would have eaten Switzerland out of baby cows by now - eek! I must admit, that although it's a bit of a mouthful I rip the bred in half, put the wurst on the bread, slather it with condiments and take a nice big bite. Everything is better with bread!

    So glad you are following and enjoying! Thanks for commenting xo