February 11, 2011

happy weekend

I'm not quite sure how it's already Friday, but the weekend is here and Zach and I are looking forward to spending the weekend touring around Zürich. I love this picture of Zach that I took on our way up to Mürren. The combination of the old cogwheel train window and the alps makes me incredibly happy. It also makes me think of the delicious meal we ate once we arrived in the cute little mountain town - rösti with an egg cracked on top for Zach and delicious meaty pasta with öphelmues (applesauce) for me. Zach was telling me tonight about an article he read claiming that Swiss women are the skinniest in the world. It's hard to believe considering the amount of bratwurst, rösti, fondue and chocolate eaten here...and that butter...oh the butter.

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  1. This looks like a scene in a Bond movie when you meet the bad guy...