February 10, 2011

color coded heissi marroni

How funny are these photos? I just love that all the stands are different colors and that I happened to be next to stands where the customers were wearing outfits that perfect matched the stand. I didn't coerce any of these people to pose - not even Zach!
This stand matches the street sign and the swiss flag and as you know I love stripes so it had to be featured on the blog.
Here is the bag of heissi marroni that Zach bought in Luzern. They look like they would be delicious, but I actually didn't like them at all. I was hoping for a hard, crunchy nut, but they are incredibly mealy and left me dying of thirst. Zach managed to eat the whole bag himself. You peal off the dark, hard shell and inside are two soft halves of the chestnut.

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