November 24, 2011

from our table to yours....

Two years ago Zach was too busy scheming about how he was going to propose to eat his fill of turkey and stuffing. Last year I packed myself full of Thanksgiving fare and then jetted off to Zürich just as the pie was being served. This year we are gathering with new friends and sharing new traditions. We are thankful.

I am also thankful for technology. I've been stirring stuffing and videoing with my mom and grandmother for the last three hours. My mom has stuffed a Turkey - full of oranges, lemon and thyme - and now she is prepping her stuffing and searching her cupboards for marshmallows to top of her famous sweet potatoes. I'm not there, and I wish I was, but at least we can celebrate this day together - thank you google video.

Thank you also to Coop (local grocery store) for playing this song (Little Lovin' - Lissie) while I was shopping for my made me smile..."I gotta lotta lovin..."

And for this Ted talk today on nature, beauty and gratitude. It's only 10 minutes. Take a moment. Today is not just another day, it is a gift. I am grateful.

Enjoy this day, your family and the tremendous feast you are about to enjoy.


  1. Just wanted to let you know: I made the ssäm bar brussels sprouts yesterday for the Thanksgiving table. They were a great hit. I've somehow never roasted sprouts before, but now I'm convinced that that's the way to go. They were so creamy on the inside! Now I just need some beautiful Staub bake/serving ware like yours. I served mine out of a metal mixing bowl last night...clearly, I'm not accustomed to hosting Thanksgiving.

  2. So glad you decided to try them. I guess they had to hold their own on the momofuku front considering you polished off the momofuku layer cake! Did you make them with the rice crispies or not? just curious. I bet they'd be good and I think next time I make them I'll add them. Hope you had a great Turkey Day. We are having a little Thanksgiving gathering tomorrow (since yesterday wasn't a holiday here) and I just put a pie in the oven...with more Diwa apples. Searched high and low for some Granny Smiths, but didn't find any...or any Braeburn...just a lot of unfamiliar apples. These are crisp and a bit sour so I hope they hold their own in the pie, which is absolutely enormous. I decided to bake it in a springform pan and holy cow it's huge. whoopsy daisy.

  3. Unfortunately, I didn't do the rice crispies. My boyfriend's parents were visiting us in Chicago for the first time this week, so it was hectic, and I couldn't be bothered to hunt down the togarashi blend. I bet it would be good though. The Momofuku chefs aren't shy about using store-bought cereal, crackers, etc. in their kitchens, and as far as I can tell, it really works.

    Thanksgiving was a little chaotic but mostly great (my first time being responsible for everything on the table), and also turkey-less (a little controversial, I know).

    Good luck with your enormous pie and the rest of the celebration!

    Also, I'm not sure if this will help for future apple baking, but in a Pierre Hermé book that I have, he calls for boskoop or cox orange or granny smith apples in a recipe, so presumably the former two are somewhat like the more familiar granny smith? I don't know much about European apple varieties, but at least PH is doing his baking on your side of the Atlantic.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Talley! Hope the stuffing turned out well. That recipe and your photos look fabulous. We made duck... not so festive, but it was a quiet night for us, for which we were thankful.

  5. Talley, hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Zurich!