November 10, 2011

grey + orange

When the darkness settles in and the fog won't lift I get desperate, like really desperate, like I probably have seasonal-affect-disorder desperate, for a little color. So much so that I made a little myself. I don't think I've shared any doodles or drawings here yet, but I need to be more comfortable sharing, so here are a couple colorful drawings of a plum.

Oh and that foggy lake photo was taken with a new toy that I picked up at the flea market. I'm busy running film through a couple of other film cameras I found in the depths of my parents cupboards. They were dusty and the batter compartments corroded, but I tinkered them back to working order and have been taking photos with them for the past couple days. I can't wait to have the film developed and see what type of pictures they take. The waiting is the best part of film. All that instant gratification is over rated. Well at least for somethings. I certainly won't be giving up email in favor of handwritten letters, but it is nice to have something to look forward to, even if it's just a little something.


  1. Talley you are so talented! Make those sketches into greeting cards. They are beautiful.