November 13, 2011

it was sunny

I pretty much ran to the camera shop to pick up my first roll of film. It was a test roll, full of mistakes and over/under exposed/whoops photos, but thankfully amongst the mistakes there were some keepers.

There is a meditative quality to taking 35mm photos, especially with an older camera. You have to manually focus the lens, adjust the shutter and aperture dials, depress the shutter and then advance the film. It's slow, but thoughtful and determined. I like it.

We spent the entire day yesterday outside in the sunshine. At one point I was even hot. It felt good. I'm going to miss it. Today was an inside day. It was grey all day, but we ate bacon so everything was a-okay.


  1. A few things:

    1) your flowers are still alive. You have now proven that can care for something else. We know what that means :)

    2) keep posting your own drawings! Love.

    3) So excited about your blog-design company! I need your help for Mindful Mentors! Wordpress is a pain.

  2. a response
    1)it's a FREAKING miracle. really. you're funny.

    2) are you still seeking? I'll post another drawing when you seek and share again. miss it

    3) funny you should mention that. I met a programmer on Saturday. I need to email him to get the name of a book he recommended I start with. Don't they say that in Artists Way, when you ask for something it will just appear at your doorstep. HAPPY to help with wordpress. Not sure I'd be much better than you at this point, but I'd certainly give it a go. Will you mentor me about my mindfulness as an exchange?