August 10, 2011

heading home...

I'm Zürich bound this afternoon. This will be my last trip until I get my visa, whenever that may be. I've been frantically leafing through my passport, counting days, to be super-extra-swiss-sure that I don't exceed my 90 day tourist stay. When I come back to the states on August 24th to await my resident visa, I will have hit 88 days. Hopefully 2 days proves to be an okay buffer zone. My fingers are crossed (and would you mind crossing yours for good measure too) that by the time I come back in two weeks I can make arrangements for moving to Zürich permanently. All of this back and forth is emotionally and physically exhausting.

Off to pack up my suitcase, load my ipad with books and hunt down my trusty neck pillow. Auf Wiedersehen for now.

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