August 03, 2011

cinnamon swirl part 2

If I lived in this lighthouse-esq house and the mist was rolling in on an August morning, I think I'd have no choice but to make cinnamon-swirl rolls. The smell of baking cinnamon and sugar would hover downstairs until it slowly wafted up to the lone room under the small pyramid pitched roof. The breakfast table would be strewn with newspapers, coffee mugs, bowls of berries and cinnamon rolls, that is if there is actually enough room for a breakfast table in this house. But really, who needs a sitting area when you have a kitchen, so I think the couch would give way to a small farm table style table, which would likely take up the entire first floor, but that's okay with me.

These cinnamon swirl rolls were made from the leftover dough from last weeks cinnamon-swirl loaf. I decided to skip making another loaf and settled on single serving rolls.
I followed basically the same process, except after I sprinkled the rolled out dough with cinnamon-sugar I then proceeded to slice it into narrow strips and rolls those. I cut the mini rolls in half and placed each half in a buttered muffin pan. Once in the pan I let them sit for about an hour and a half or until they had doubled in size and roughly filled the pan. Bake at 375 for about 20 or so minutes (I actually didn't really time them...just check them until the tops are a bit hard to the touch then take them out and test)
I think this is a house that calls for cinnamon-sugar swirl french toast. The frisbees would fall to the ground and little kiddies would run towards the porch and into the green door and straight for the kitchen for their warm breakfast on a summer Saturday. Dreamy, no?These little rolls were delicious. A guilt free cousin to the cinnamon bun. Since it's made with bread dough and not buttery cake dough, it's light, but still just as tasty.
This is the home I sometimes dream about. We are ages away from ever buying a house, let alone a vacation house, but this one just speaks to me. I love the arched blue door and the wrap around paned windows. I imagine a big farm table behind the house for outdoor meals under the shade of the trees with dear friends and their cutie-pie kiddies.


  1. Such a gorgeous post. I just lost myself in your words and photos. I love making cinnamon rolls and yours look like little pieces of art. We were in Switzerland last year and I just gaped at the beauty of this country.

  2. Talley, thanks for the inspiration. It has been a very blah week here and I think these might be just the pick-me-up I need.

  3. darcy - the smell of cinnamon-sugar is pick-me-up enough! and the muffins aren't half bad either.

    sarah - so glad you liked the post. thank you for commenting! comments keep me going..and baking...and eating! and yes, Switzerland is beautiful, almost blindingly so. It's hard to grasp all the beauty at one time. I have to keep blinking and re-looking.

  4. Your photos are phenomenal! So so beautiful, and my goodness do those rolls look good :)

  5. I am definitely giving this recipe a whirl or should I say "swirl"? :)

  6. Per! I think of you every time I eat cinnamon toast. You always use to use cinnamon toast for your sandwiches. Do you still? (ahhh how can i not know this about you...must move to the commune asap)