April 29, 2011

lemons and salami - honeymoon part 3

Eager to extend the honeymoon as long as possible we escaped to Tuscany for Easter weekend. It was a simple weekend full of good books, good wine and delicious food. Unlike the Swiss who plan everything at least a year in advance, we planned this trip on Thursday and left on Friday. We stayed at Locanda dell'Amorosa, which I had found through our photographer/friend Amanda's blog. She and her husband had stayed there for a couple days on their honeymoon and gave it wonderful reviews so I called right away and was both surprised and thrilled to hear that they had rooms available. We had to change rooms each night, but it was totally worth it, and we had fun seeing different parts of the villa.

I spent a lot of time experimenting with my new camera so this post tends more towards images and less towards text.
I bought a new lens that is supposedly good for food photography, but it is more well known for its portrait capabilities. Zach and I had fun playing with the different settings and these are some of the test shots. I obviously can't take credit for the shots of me, those were taken by Zach. I absolutely adore the larger one of me. So much happiness compressed into one little image. If only we could go to Tuscany every weekend...
I meant to try one of the lemons off one of the many trees growing around the hotel, but I never quite got a chance.
simplicity and joy rolled up into a newspaper and a nice place to read.
All dressed in her Easter best this little girl stopped by to say hi, perhaps in the hopes that we were hiding some painted eggs.
And now I have to come to terms with the fact that the honeymoon is actually over. Although maybe I'll continue to consider each little weekend trip we take a mini-moon.

Happy weekend everyone! We are hanging around Zurich tomorrow and if the weather cooperates heading to the Jungfrau region for a day hike on Sunday.


  1. Those pictures bring back MANY happy memories - that spot under the wisteria was one of our favorites....heaven heaven heaven :) Glad you enjoyed it too!

  2. Tal can you an Z pack me in your suitcase on your next trip? Looks like you had a blast!