April 27, 2011

happy birthday dad!!

A little interruption in the honeymoon posting to wish my dad a HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!! It was easy to figure out what to make in honor of your birthday - an ice cream sandwich. You'd probably still prefer the good humor brand to hausgemachte (home made), but I promise this one is pretty irresistible. Other things that crossed my mind for your birthday post - cheddar cheese, Doritos, Welch's grape soda, grape popsicles, green jello and Boursin cheese. Aside from the Boursin nothing else is available in Switzerland! I promise lots of Boursin cheese when you come visit so you forget about all the other American goodies you'll be missing. Perhaps a bratwurst and a cripsy weiner schnitzel will win you over to Swiss cuisine?!
The above photos were taken with my new camera!
photo credit: Amanda Herzberger, Orchard Cove Photography

How great is this photo of the fam in the Swiss photo booth at the wedding? Can we say Christmas card?

Happy Birthday Dad!! Love you and miss you!


  1. are the cookies homemade?
    post the cookie recipe if you get a chance!
    I just made these chewy chocolate cookies that should work even with Swiss brown sugar, will post it soon.
    I love the photobooth photograph of course.

  2. Yes the cookies are homemade, but once again I ended up with pancakes and not the chunky cookies that were promised in the recipe. I might try another batch today using my new wedding present - to be revealed in future posts, but I'll let it slip here - a Kitchen Aid mixer!!! All of these recipes that call to mix the butter/sugar/eggs until they are light and fluffy are just too tough on my arms, especially when it's two sticks of butter and about 3 cups of sugar (holy unhealthy cookies)

  3. This post made me teary - so cute tal! And the cookies look amazing...I am asking for a camera for my birthday. We head to Africa in June and thought would be the perfect present to get for the trip. What is the exact one you got? Would love any help! miss you xo

  4. try this cookie recipe! no need to whip sugar and butter for hours and the cookies stay chewy the next day!