February 28, 2011

on the move

What a wonderful weekend, full of both new friends and old friends and lots and lots of walking. Walking is actually what I love most about living in Zürich. I can, and do, walk absolutely everywhere. Winter walking is perfect, but with spring and summer approaching I'm looking forward to buying a bike and biking my way around town. My new bike will certainly have to be pink, or white, and have a basket in the front.

Today I'm doing the opposite of walking, I'm going to be sitting, almost the entire day, for 9 + hours in a teeny little seat on a plane, making my way back to the states. It feels like I just got back to Zürich after my last trip, but it's been three weeks and I'm heading back for another week of wedding planning activities. I'm going to do my best to continue posting small posts throughout the week, but I promise to return in a little over a week with my regular posting.

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