I was a planner, a list maker, a what-is-next wonderer. But then I moved to Zürich and those lists and well-laid plans simply didn’t have a place anymore. We are here, now, in this moment, without a clear plan of how long we will be here or what to expect, so for sanity sake we’ve tried to stop thinking too far in the future.

It’s not entirely true that I don’t make lists anymore, I do, they just have a lot of veggies, fruits and other market staples on them. I wasn’t a cook before we moved to Switzerland, but the need to make this far-away haus feel like home led me into the kitchen to cook meals that we could enjoy together at the end of the day. Those nightly dinners have become one of our favorite things about this new adventure. We eat together while listening to music and pondering the joys and obscurities of the day. Sure life abroad is romantic, but most of all it teaches you to appreciate the simple things. A good meal in a comfortable space after a long day in an unfamiliar place is a wonderful joy.

Before my life was paired down to the simple things, I was an architect working in New Haven, CT. ‘Was’ is the wrong word. I still am an architect. I hope to find a job here in Zürich. I want to design houses, nice small ones, one for me and one for you. Until then I’ll continue to enjoy exploring and cooking and sharing with you in this space.

I should note that although I wasn’t a cook while living in the states I did know how to cook before moving. My mom is a wonderful cook who will tell you she learned everything she knows from her dad, Pop. Pop, who was known for his onion sandwiches, turkey tetrazzini and chicken hash. I’m overly familiar with the later two dishes, they represent holidays and family, but onion sandwiches, well, I’m just not quite there yet, but maybe soon.

Please feel free to email me with questions or suggestion or recipe request. I love hearing your feedback so please don’t be shy. And thank you for reading!

and because you are probably curious...
here are some pictures of our apartment
our favorite recent trip
and a favorite dessert recipe