February 13, 2011

a swiss sunday

I am constantly curious about what the Swiss do on Sundays. Everything is closed! Not one little department store, boutique, dry cleaner, let alone major grocery store is open on Sunday. Well to be totally truthful the grocery stores in the train stations are open, but that is it. Every Friday dinner I ask Zach what his coworkers are up to for the weekend, with special interest in their Sunday plans...what exactly do the Swiss do on Sundays? From our research it seems as though Sundays are truly a home and family day. It's a day to clean, visit family and go for a walk and little else. We stayed in Zürich this weekend and decided to embrace Sunday as a spring cleaning day, which was especially timely considering it seems as though spring as arrived in Switzerland, at least for the moment. One of the last things remaining on our haus to-do list was 'hang pictures,' which we successfully completed this morning.
You'll notice a different rug in this picture. We are trying to decide which we like best for this room. What do you think? We are leaning towards the latter, the one in this photo, but we also love the graphic of the other one, which is currently in the second bedroom/office.
One thing you won't find in these photos is a televsion. I can't believe it, but we are going to go TV-free, for the time being at least. I never would have guessed that we would have ended up here, but we are really enjoying spending the time reading and chatting and so far don't miss it. In truth there really isn't much to miss considering the only English channel is BBC. I do love a good British accent, but the BBC alone doesn't warrant a TV
I love all of the windows in our apartment. We are still on the hunt for a couple of lamps. I bought this hair-dryer-u.f.o looking lamp at the local second hand store because we were desperate, but I've grown to like it even though it's a bit out there.
I hope you've enjoyed your first tour of the haus! I promise to post more apartment photos in upcoming posts, but I wanted to satiate everyones requests for apartment photos!


  1. aaaaaand I'm OBSESSED with your apartment. I have such envy! Looks so great xoxo

  2. Tal! Your apartment looks incredible! A couple things: I love both rugs, but I think I like the second one too. Yeah for no-TV! You'll love it...and, of course, there's always hulu.

  3. You will probably never be invited to my apartment...yours is beautiful and clean...mine is IKEA and has 3 males - 2 of which have a one digit age!

  4. We met your parents recently in Pebble Beach.
    Love your blog. Please check out our daughter-in-law's blog "Thefoodinista" (her husband, our youngest son was born in Geneva).
    Zurich is a hard nut to crack. I learned to prize my privacy just as they do theirs.
    You ask about Sundays--we would pack a lunch and head for the mountains.
    We loved our life and friends in Geneva (mostly international) which was full of sport and the outdoors.