February 17, 2011

a blumen city

If you compulsively cut your hair and live to buy fresh flowers every couple days then you should live in Zürich. Every other little store seems to be either a hair salon or a flower shop. As spring nears the flower shops are incredibly inviting, leaving me wishing spring would just show up and stay already!
Even though the sidewalks are narrow, the flowers and pots still pour out into the street. Most of the merchandise actually sits outside the store rather than in it. As with everything in Zürich the flowers are expensive - the lavender bundle for 18chf is a bit extreme, considering I bought the same thing the other day for 7. However, I did take this picture on the Banhofstrasse, Zürich's Fifth Ave equivalent, so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised.
The time of year to dine outside is right around the corner. We constantly tell people how beautiful we think Zürich is and how much we are enjoying it so far, and everyone responds, "wait until summer, you will love it!" I believe them - summer is going to be great. I vow to drink or eat something at a little table like this at least a few times a week.I adore this flamingo, which I found sitting in a little garden tucked in a narrow alley way. A flamingo in Zürich! I might need one, or two, for our back porch.
...and of course some flowers for us. I usually prefer white flowers, but these red-orange tulips with yellow centers just felt right on a cloudy day.

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  1. Talley, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Blumen Capitol Post. The flowers photos are fantastic. Spring is on its way!