March 03, 2011


I apologize for the lack of posting the last couple days, life has been busy back in the states. It feels good to be checking things off the list though.
- Get contacts so I can see the guests and the groom at the wedding. Check!
- Get malaria pills and assorted vaccines for our honeymoon in South Africa. Check!
- Buy a new bathing suit to replace my only bathing suit, a giraffe print suit, which seemed a bit risky for a safari - do lions eat baby giraffes? Check!
- Get groom a blazer so he actually has something to wear at the wedding. Check!
- Get wedding dress fitted! YAY! Check!
- Buy fabulous, fun dress for the after party. CHECK!

The list goes on, but I don't want to bore you with the silly little many details! My mom and I should start a wedding planning business.

The above picture is a shot from our trip to Geneva last weekend to visit some friends who were in Switzerland for a quick weekend trip. The weather was chilly and a bit overcast, but this photo made me hopeful for a bright and warm spring and summer. Everyone tells us we are going to love Switzerland in the summer and I know we will. What's not to love with the hiking, swimming and boating that is literally right out of our backdoor (no we don't have a pool, but we can swim in Lake Zürich). I'm also looking forward to traveling, to Italy, every weekend! Gelato makers, get ready, we're coming so stock up on coconut for Zach and raspberry and lemon for me!
This little café makes the BEST coffee ever. Seriously. I think they are putting in half and half even though I ask for skim milk. I've had a lot of lattes in the past couple months in and around Zürich and also in Paris, and I'm telling you, this little NY café is up there with the best of them. It's Via Quadronno on 73rd btwn Madison and Fifth, check it out. I was there on Monday and I'm going back this afternoon. YUM!

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