March 10, 2011

learning about zürich

So it turns out I didn't jinx myself with yesterdays post about sunny weather and spring approaching. Today was absolutely beautiful, dare I say almost hot at times. I met up with a new friend, who is a friend of a friend of a friend, and had a wonderful day revisiting places I'd been and learning about new places that I have to visit. She grew up in Zürich and knows everything there is to know about this little city - the best chocolates, the best butcher, the best restaurants and the must see cultural sites. I always try and explore a little bit everyday, but that usually means going for a long walk and taking in the sites, but not really learning about them, so today was a nice introduction into the history of Zürich.
It quickly became clear today that there remain a lot of things I need to learn about and or try while I'm living in Switzerland. My new friend was shocked that I had yet to sample the delicious dried meats available in Zürich so we made a bee-line to her favorite butcher and she selected her favorite and bought me some. It was delicious, much different than cured meat in the states. The slices were thin and almost melted in my mouth. I wasn't sure how it should be eaten or with what, so I put together a little sampling of apples, cornichons and soda bread to enjoy alongside the meat.

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