November 05, 2012

write like a....

I'm writing this post from bed. I never write posts from bed. My parents just left for their hotel and Zach is in route to Bosnia for work and, well, the living room was feeling a bit big and a bit lonely so I decided to cozy up in bed. Although I'm not really in bed, I'm on top of the covers, because I'm pretty sure I'd fall asleep if I left myself sneak under the sheets. I'm tired, too tired to post maybe, but I promised myself I would.

I promised myself I'd post for a few reasons...

First, I like it here. After airing my frustrations in the past two posts I realized that even though I feel lost that this blog makes me happy. You make me happy. I enjoy the effort and hours that go into the posts and more often than not - even if it's been tough to get the words out - I feel a sense of accomplishment when I click 'publish'. It is a warm, proud, jovial feeling that washes away any and all aimless confusion. Maybe this is evidence of the oft quoted "writing is easier than not writing." I stumbled on an essay in Slate that summed up so clearly so much of what I feel - that  deadening/sickening state of active non-accomplishment. For me it's not just with writing, but with so many things. Read it, let me know what you think.

That should be enough, but there's more. I told you about Dear Sugar in my last post. A young aspiring-but-stumbling writer wrote in looking for advice on writing and Sugar told her to "Write like a Motherfucker." Catchy huh? No explanation need (although definitely read the essay). I'm going to take her advice. I guess it's that go-big-or-go-home idea.

And I'm going to go big. At least for the month of November. And that's the third thing. I'm here in bed writing even though I'm tired because I want to get a post up today. I want to post every weekday in November. After admittedly feeling sorry for myself in the last two posts I read Jess's post about NaBloPoMo and I knew I had to participate. It would be a good way of encouraging my write-like-a-mthrfckr mentality and, heck, like I said in reason numero uno, I like it here.

It probably won't be easy and the posts won't be the same as what we've all become accustomed to, but I imagine it will also be liberating to just get something out, something down, and perhaps quick photo taken. We'll see, I can't really anticipate where this month with take me, but I hope you'll hang with me for the ride.

Heck, I figure if the lovely ladies at Sanssouci can carry the burden of a heavy cornice for almost three hundred years that I can post on a blog for a month.

(and with barely a minute to spare the post is up for November 5th!)


  1. Yay! I will so be looking forward to frequent posts this month. I hope it proves to be a wonderful journey for you.

  2. A daily post? Yeah for your readers!

  3. Woo! This will be an awesome month, seeing as I probably love this space just as much as you do. :D Looking forward to reading that slate article and reading the rest of your posts this month.

  4. We'll be here with you. :) You can do it. Xx

  5. Talley, this is so much fun. I am loving all of these past few posts. I think I just subscribed to five new bloggers feeds and purchased a couple of books along the way too...thanks! I am finding much comfort in everything you are sharing so thank you thank you for opening up. Also, so happy you are liking the big apple pancake! I am making your cloudless chocolate cake this weekend. And Macrina's Bakery is a place I am dying to visit -- I have a couple of good friends in Seattle and they visit it daily. Hugs.

  6. Thank you friends! I hope it ends up being a fun journey and not a boring one. There was a second earlier today where I thought maybe I should write a post about the fact that I have three jars of cumin seeds in my cupboard, but then I almost fell asleep thinking about it and realized you'd be asleep before you even finished the first sentence. Note to self Talley - just because you are posting everyday doesn't mean you don't need to edit :)

  7. Just started "tiny beautiful things"....totally your fault. So glad you are going to write so often this month. I hope it helps you transition through the month of early night, parents' visit and colder temperatures.

    Once upon a time you met up with a red-head from Kansas who had been in Z for almost a year, struggling with finding a place here. It happens. With time and friends and some randomly found purpose, it happens.

    And we'll be reading like motherf-ers the whole time.