June 27, 2011

Istanbul - gathering thoughts and photos

We went on a whim. And now we want to go back. We love Istanbul. We love the tired and decrepit buildings, the rhythms and unfamiliar sounds of the call to prayer, the kebaps and turkish delights, and most of all the people who sell those kebaps and delights. Enamored with every little crevice we are already beginning to imagine yearly trips to Istanbul.

I'm working on gathering photos since they are really the only way to convey the sensations of the city - even then, it seems to be a city that defies explanation. I'm aiming for a long, lovely post tomorrow so stay tuned. The photo above is from inside the Harem at Topkapi Palace, the home of the Sultan and his concubines.

And thank you to everyone who sent us recommendations via comments and email. Your recommendations really helped us plan our days and I'm not sure we would have had such a fulfilling trip without them.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Talley. We never made it to Istanbul when we lived in London but I do hope we make it there at some point. Have you been to Croatia yet? Add that to your list, too!