November 01, 2012


I'm in Berlin with my parents right now (!!!), but I wanted to write a quick little post (as my parents sleep away their jet lag). First of all I want to say thank you for the enormous hug you gave me earlier this week. I never knew the internet was such a good hugger, but alas you all must have been squeezing your computers pretty hard to get those big bear hugs across the Atlantic and into my living room. You people are wonderful, uplifting, wise and so amazingly thoughtful. I am always a bit nervous about sharing what happens under the surface, but my last post was evidence that even if you give a little you get a lot, so thank you. 

My friend Kerry, ever wise, left a comment but also sent me a separate email recommending that I read Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar. Are you familiar with the Dear Sugar column at The I wasn't. Cheryl Strayed, the author of Wild, is Sugar and doles out the most heartfelt real advice by not only offering her opinion but by adding stories from her own struggles, her own life. She bares it all, not hiding behind anything, and leaves it there for you to read and reflect on. Run. Read it. Read it now. I read it yesterday while I was in route to Berlin. I cried pretty much the entire time. I cried on the train while reading the introduction. I cried while waiting at the gate in the Zürich airport, my sniffles echoing through the eerily quiet terminal, and I cried on the flight, surrounded by tall and stern businessmen. There is so much life in this book. You will find something that speaks to you. This quote below struck me immediately, so timely after my last post...

"Don't lament so much about how your career is going to turn out. You don't have a career. You have a life. Do the work. Keep the faith."

yes. yes. yes
As the recipient of a big hug I also want to extend an internet hug to all of my friends and family in NYC and Connecticut. I'm thinking of you. I feel far away and removed, but I'm devouring any and all news that I can. The pictures of New York are astounding. I cannot believe it. Cannot. Kerry sent me a picture of her block in the East Village and the water level was as high as the first floor. Unbelievable. 

Before Sandy came with her storm surges and wild winds I thought that snow in Zürich before Halloween was unbelieveable. It doesn't compare, I know, but it was weird, a stark contrast the the 70 and sunny we experienced the weekend before. 

from fresh apple cider in short sleeves...
and full-on fall foliage outside our apartment...
to this....
Just in case the hug doesn't make it through to you, I wanted to share this giant apple pancake that I made last weekend. I found the recipe on Ali's blog - such a treasure trove - and I knew I had to make it. We ate it just before it started snowing. It is eggy and apply, crisp around the edges and not too sweet. I'd go ahead and say it's huggable (once you take it out of the cast iron pan). It might serve four or it might serve two, it really just depends if you're willing to share or not. We didn't and ate the entire thing ourselves. I thought of it as a two egg omelet with apples and, um, powdered sugar. Yum!
// Giant Apple Pancake //
I'll let you travel over to Alexandra's Kitchen for this one since she just so recently posted it and the photos are stunning. Ali found the recipe on Gourmet if you want to visit epicurious

I only made a few adjustments: I added cinnamon,  I used oat flour instead of regular flour because oats are just so breakfasty and I used panela sugar (in it's granular form) because I had it and because why the heck not? Oh, and it took about 3 small/medium apples to fill my pan. Do what feels right. 

and yes, use a blender, or an immersion blender, you'll be thankful - smooth pancakes give better hugs! and definitely dust with powdered sugar, definitely. 


  1. Hi Talley – I just recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did. I haven't read very much (yet!) but there is such a warmth here. And thank you for sharing the giant apple pancake recipe. It looks amazing.

    1. I'm so glad you found yourself here. I'm a big fan of your blog and your incredible photographs. I have your apple sauce recipe bookmarked and on my list of things to make this week.

  2. Thanks for passing on the book recommendation. I had heard a wisp of how good the Dear Sugar book was awhile back from someone, but I must have forgotten to look into it. I trust your taste, so I'll get to finding that book quickly, haha.

    And what a lovely apple pancake! Have you ever seen the movie Biutiful? It's spanish (and has javier bardem in it, swoon), but there's a part where they make a spanish tortilla with apples. I could never wrap my head around the idea of apples and eggs and that tasting good, but I know what you showed here must be great. I'll need to try it to find out!

    1. Does Javier Bardem make the apple tortilla? I guess I'll have to watch the movie to find out, but you're right, swoon!

      and yes, read Dear Sugar. I think you'll find it insightful as you begin to make decisions about what's next...

  3. Dear Talley,
    Still loving your words and your recipes. Don't worry about the tears around businessmen and in public places!! You have a big heart and so much to share with the people you touch. I think I will download the book to listen to while Kit and I drive to Florida next week. Much love from Virginia,

    1. Thanks Pat! I hope all is well in VA and that you enjoy the book. See you soon hopefully!

  4. Hi Talley, haven't commented for a while. I know you are finding your niche in Zurich, but if you ever want to meet up with an expat who's been here for 6 years and likely old enough to be your Mom, just give a whistle! Having coffee is my favorite indoor sport.

    this is a lovely post and your photos are always so pretty. Thanks for blogging.

  5. Snow! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures in Berlin.