November 06, 2012

Nov 6

Day 2 and this is already hard. I'm full of excuses today, most of which involve my mom being here. What a day! It was so similar to many of my days in its patterns, but so different with the company, such a treat!

We just finished our dinner of lemon & leek carbonara. It was - as it always is - delicious! We had hoped to listen to live streaming of the election, but we couldn't find any news or media sites that are streaming, at least not yet. It's strange being so far away and so removed from the minute to minute news coverage. I guess it will be a surprise. We'll wake up to a winner and read about which way the swing states swung over breakfast, which will be leftover pasta. I always make too much pasta, always. It's a personal flaw of sorts.

The highlight of our day was a little haus tea party. A few of my friends came over with their babies so I could introduce my mom to our Zürich family, or at least the female contingent of it. There was flourless chocolate cake some Ladurée macaroons and of course a few chocolates, oh yes, and tea, lots of tea. It was so nice having friends and family in one place.

Signing off to hunker with my mom on the couch.


  1. I gleefully voted this morning and have since remained blissfully out-of-touch for most of the day today. I'll meet up with friends later tonight and dive into dessert and election coverage and cheer and hug and hiss at the shenanigans of it all. Yet for now, I drink tea, lots of tea, and am wishing that I had excuses like my own Mother here today. X's and O's from Colorado.

  2. So excited for this month of November and you're blog-a-day journey!! Looking forward to morning coffees and the Haus! Hi to Frannie! xoxo