November 28, 2012

Figures, Food, and Flowers

Isn't this mannequin lovely? I see her everyday on my walk, just after I leave Rietberg Park and just before I pass the sheep, which are near the church with the tall bell tower. I often find myself wondering what type of person puts a mannequin on their balcony, and I always come to the conclusion that whoever it is that I would like to meet them. 
A tied lamb roast waiting for it's turn in the oven. I roasted it with red wine and garlic and we ate it with roasted carrots and potatoes. 
It seems that taking pictures at the market never gets old. My files are full to the brim with market photos. I love leafing through and sensing the season by the offerings and the light. This photo is from a September Saturday at the market in Oerlikon.
This delightful cherub kept us company as we sipped our cappuccinos (for him) and green teas (for her) at Kafi für Dich two Sundays ago. 

Only after I looked at this picture for the third time did I notice the apple core. 
These two filets are evidence of Fish Tuesdays. I think I remember lightly turning them in flour, egg and bread crumbs and then sautéing them in the pan. Or maybe I treated them to a meunière preparation, I can't remember.
This is a bouquet I bought on or around my birthday. It was one of many overflowing from buckets lined up under a big tree. They were going quick and so I scooped one up and brought it home. There should always be room in your budget for flowers. 
She is my favorite; soaring, for no apparent reason, on a completely non de-script building.
Because there is something about a pink building with blue shutters and tan branches climbing all over it. I have plans in place to visit this building in the summer when it's pink and blue and green.
Sometimes my husband is full of wonderful zany ideas, like waking up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday with the hopes of seeing the sunrise over the alps. We were there standing on the platform at 6:30 with the hopes of marigold and purple peaks only to be met with violet clouds. Still pretty, definitely still pretty.


  1. I want to meet that person too, the one who the mannequin on their balcony! And I love that last shot. I would say that I'm glad you can't see the alps because those deep-looking clouds look so cool with the water, but then again I'm not sure how nice it would look if it were the alps instead. Wake up again! :D

  2. I love that house. It is so colorful. That sunrise view is so beautiful and peaceful!

  3. Beautiful pictures! So daily life, so simple, so beautiful indeed.

  4. I love Rieter Park - I imagine I may have passed you and not known it!

    It is lovely to live in Zurich, no matter the skies.

  5. Ha - I love that mannequin! And I love that you were willing to get up to watch the sunset that early - I hope you had a thermos of coffee with you!
    Lovely to see a day in Zurich!