January 28, 2011

a weekend with z...

...a couple of my favorite photos from the past few weekends. The top photo is in Zurich and the bottom photo is in Mürren.


  1. Hi Talley, What great pictures. The mountains are truly breathtaking! See you at your shower! Sarah

  2. Hi Talley! I happened upon your blog today (thanks facebook!) and just wanted to say how beautiful all your photos and descriptions are. The small vegetable plots seem delightful, though I, the anti-green thumb, would never be able to handle one. Good luck! Also, Nathan and I traveled to Murren this past summer and absolutely adored it. It definitely is one of the most beautiful places ever! We are so happy to see someone else enjoy it as well! Anyhoots, random thoughts from me, but hope you and Zach are doing great! See you in April!