January 25, 2011

ski weekend in Davos

The first post is never an easy post, which is why I've decided to inundate you with beautiful pictures of our most recent adventure to Davos. We (the soon-to-be husband and I) moved to Zurich, where everything is reachable by train, even the infamous ski resorts in the Swiss Alps. Our early start on Saturday to catch the 6:37 paid off and we were on the mountain in time to get some runs in before heading to our favorite mid-mountain lounge for some bratwurst and glühwein (swiss mulled wine).
we were both clearly more focused on the bratwurts than the view - both amazing. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat a bratwurst without ketchup. The Swiss seem to prefer only spicy mustard, but I'm a ketchup girl.


  1. Hi Talley - LOVE your pics: snow/ski-ing looks fab. Looking forward to following your blog and hearing about your adventures soon. xo Polly

  2. Tal! This is amazing--I'm so excited to keep my eye on you. Also, seriously jealous about those brats and beer...it's like my fantasy right there! xo

  3. Oh my goodness Talley this is so great. It reminds me a bit of Julie and Julia so start thinking which actress you would like to play yourself!