January 31, 2011

day trip to luzern

I figured I'd start with the main attraction, the Kapellbrüke, a long covered bridge that zig zags across the lake. The bridge, which was built in 1333, is certainly a tourist attraction, but on a cold January day the walk across was quiet and pleasant.
It was surprisingly cold out so we made sure to duck into some great little cafes and bars for warmth, refueling and a bit of reading.
The image on the left is of Jean Nouvel's Culture and Congress Center (KKL), which has an amazing site right on the lake. The image on the right is an apartment building we spotted on our walk up to the bar at Hotel Montana
The Swiss House is an incredible restaurant - a must!(we found it funny that it is called The Swiss, why not Das Schweizer Haus?) It had been recommended to Zach by a friend at work and although we were initially hesitant because of the price, we decided to live a little and try it for dinner. We didn't make a reservation so we went for the early bird special, a 5:30 seating! The food was absolutely incredible. We both ordered veal, I had veal paillard with pomme frites and Zach had veal cooked in a mushroom cream sauce with a side of rösti. Both were delicious but we both agreed that Zach's was best. Next time we go we are going to order the schnitzel, the house special. They cook it right at your table, in an uncomfortable amount of butter, and the smell, which is both sweet and savory, is intoxicating.
We cleaned our plates and dived in on desert, some créme brulée, which we also finished. It's actually a miracle I have any pictures at all considering how delicious our meal was and how all engrossed in eating it we were.


  1. thank you for the wonderful photo's I was there three years ago also in January all the way from Australia. So some history I didn't know. Didn't the bridge suffer at some time a fire and had to be rebuilt? Love Switzerland

  2. Hi Margo - Glad to hear you like Switzerland. We do too. The Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) suffered a really bad fire not that long ago, 1993. I'm not sure how it started, but the bridge was rebuilt/restored and opened a year or two later I think.

    you've been to Switzerland....now I need to get my butt to Australia!