September 01, 2011


The air is crisp and fall-like here in Connecticut. Typically we'd have all of the doors and windows shut and the air conditioning humming, but Irene blew through and took our power with her, so instead we are listening to the chirping crickets. Anticipating nasty travel delays we prolonged our time in Montana by a day and waited out Irene in the calm fields of the Bitterroot Valley (the picture above).

Back home now I'm counting down my last few days in the states. The back and forth, which has defined the last few months of my life, are finally over. My visa has arrived!! I went into the city to pick up my visa-stamped-passport this morning and subsequently booked my one way ticket back to Zürich. I'm looking forward to settling back into life in Switzerland, or really settling in for the first time. This is it. This is the real thing. And I can't wait!

I hope you can bare with me for another week of infrequent blog posts. Perhaps we can consider this a little summer vacation. I'll be back in Zürich on Wednesday and hopefully posting soon after that. Happy long weekend (to those of you in the sates)!

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